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LAMINATED FLOORBOARD PROMOTION!!!   maple w. 12 cm. - 80 zł.unfinished maple board w. 12 cm. - 70 zł.    We encourage you to purchase the above-mentioned flooring at a SUPER PRICE!!! Our floors are durable, practical, beautiful, and have natural warmth! We offer a choice of color and surface finish!* this board is available in limited amounts, and the promotion is only effective while supplies last!                                     Maple                                                                                  

Teko – producer of stairs, railings, laminated floors, exterior and interior doors

A company with experience and carpentry traditions!

Budynek fabryki Teko w Niepołomicach

Teko – Polish producer of stairs and balustrades, laminated floors, exterior and interior doors, as well as homes using wood technology. We are one of a select group of leaders in our field, having been in operation for 15 years, as a firm known for the quality of its products and guaranteed services. We function very effectively in the developers' market, realizing large-scale domestic and international projects. We offer a broad range of products to individual, as well as commercial clients.
Experience in designing enables us to create products that are characterized by the reliability of their constructional solutions, and their aesthetic quality. The materials used fulfill all norms relating to product quality and durability. Production is realized with the use of the finest technologies and a state-of-the-art machine park. We constantly perfect our products, and introduce new solutions. Employing suggestions from our clients, we make possible an extensive selection of products, with limitless variations in terms of their composition. We offer a full gamut of materials, ranging from domestic woods through exotic varieties, as well as unique combinations, such as with high-grade steel or glass. Our arrangements allow for the interconnection and appropriate embellishment of interiors, changing the character and decor of spaces, in accordance with clients' needs and expectations. Our application of numerous styles and a diverse range of color and pattern varieties provides a choice, between a classic and a modern look.

What do we do?

Only the most important categories of our products are presented below.


Many years' experience in their production gives us the ability to navigate the difficult subject of stairs with proficiency.

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Balustrades perform an exceedingly important function, in terms of finishing and securing stairs, balconies, and such.

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Interior doors

We produce doors for interiors, which – as each of us has surely experienced – are an essential element of our home, fulfilling not only decorative functions, but a number of other useful ones as well.

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Exterior doors

We also offer exterior doors, in a wide variety of interesting designs.

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Laminated floors

Teko's laminated floors create a unique and inviting climate in your home because wood, as a material of natural beauty, instills interiors with this quality as well!

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Billiard tables

As a producer of billiard tables, we can also construct this product in accordance with clients' requirements regarding the type of bed, baize color, shape and coloring of the frame.

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Wooden homes

We offer ecological and energy-efficient homes, built with a wood-frame construction  system.

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Atypical projects

We offer our clients atypical constructions, buildings, furniture and a wide range of other interesting realizations, according to individual projects and orders, which combine ingenuity with functionality!

Product catalogs

For your convenience, we have prepared catalogs of our products.


Several recommendations submitted by our clients are presented below.

Our clients

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